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Clay artwork of Olimar.

Captain Olimar, usually called Olimar, is the main protagonist of the Pikmin series. Olimar discovered the Planet of the Pikmin along with the Pikmin species in an accident. Olimar is employed by Hocotate Freight, a shipping company, and owns a ship called the S.S. Dolphin. He has a wife, two kids, and a dog.


Olimar was to go on a vacation. He was traveling through his ship, the Dolphin, when a meteor struck it and sent him hurtling down to an uncharted planet. He found that his Dolphin had lost many parts, and that the atmosphere contained oxygen, a deadly element to his people. There, he discovered the Pikmin, a half-plant, half-animal life form that he used to retrieve his ship parts. Olimar successfully found all of them and left to go back to his home.

Olimar later returned to the Pikmin Planet with fellow co-worker Louie to save their company, Hocotate Freight, from going bankrupt. They once again enlisted the help of the Pikmin to find valuable treasures that could repay Hocotate Freight's debt. It was repaid, and Olimar left. Unfortunately, Louie was left behind.

Olimar returned with the President of Hocotate Freight to find Louie and to collect remaining treasure. The two searched unexplored regions and found Louie at the bottom of a dark, long cave. They, with the Pikmin, had to fight the Titan Dweevil to rescue Louie. They beat the Titan Dweevil and rescued Louie; they also found the last of the treasures and left to Hocotate.